Hey folks! We've been putting a ton of work into Disc Golf Unchained lately and will soon be pushing out some sweet new features including multiplayer, 'stickier' baskets, and some great updates to our physics engine! Stay tuned!

In the mean time, check out the latest build in the app stores!



"Slogans aren't really our thing..." 

But pushing the limits of technology to make our vision reality is.  Developing  games gives us the opportunity to express the culmination of our numerous and diverse interests through cutting edge technology.  We are able to combine aspects of art, music, math, and science to create a unique experience for our audience. We decided to work on video games because of the inherent element of user participation that no other form of media can match. As mobile phones and tablets become more ubiquitous globally, our ability to reach a growing and wide-spread audience will only increase. We strive to provide unique and entertaining content centered around these principles. We love what we do, and we work hard every day in the hopes that you will love what we do too.

-Tyler Krucas, Co-Founder- Local Route Labs 

lo•cal route [loh-kuh l rout] noun

  • a course, way, or road for passage or travel known and used only by persons intimately familiar with the area in which the course exists.
    While visiting relatives in rural Wisconsin, Anne's cousin took her to the orchard via the local route.
  • a way of doing things using the people and resources available in close proximity.
    The town's only factory owner took the local route when he refused to outsource his manufacturing jobs to robots.