Our work is a reflection of who we are. 

Disc Golf Unchained:

We began working on Disc Golf Unchained due to our undying love of the sport of disc golf.  We saw a distinct lack of digital media concerning disc golf and decided to make the most realistic digital disc golf experience out there.  The project grew into quite the undertaking when we decided to bring real disc manufacturers into the mix to test their products in the most realistic disc flight simulator around.  Not only do we plan to make Unchained the premier disc golf game, we also hope to make it the place where disc golfers can interact with manufacturers' products as they never have before. The Disc Golf Unchained Flight Lab was released on both Android and iOS, and it has served as a proving ground for the concepts we wanted to incorporate into the full game.  We have been very happy with the response we've gotten with the Flight Lab and are pushing forward with a much richer experience with the full release of Disc Golf Unchained.

Just Shovelin':

 After working on Disc Golf Unchained for the better part of two years, we decided we needed a break and got to working on a casual game that we could put together quickly. The idea of Just Shovelin' came to us a kind of a joke.  We were trying to think of stupid activities that we could make fun and entertaining through the magic of video games, and shoveling snow came to the top of that list.  Thus, a game steeped in sarcasm based on one of the worst household chores was born! Just Shovelin' is currently available on Google Play and will be coming soon to iOS.