Just Shovelin’

Denny had lived his entire life in the northern climates, suffering through the long, cold winters every year since he was born. He had come to dread the first fresh snowflakes of the year, knowing they meant the worst season was upon him: shoveling season. This year the forecast does not look good…

Take control of Denny as he does battle with the elements in Just Shovelin’, a brand-new Action Puzzler from Local Route Labs! Denny is not a big fan of shoveling, so work quickly to clear the driveway before his ambition runs out. Press on through day after day of endless snow and ice to unlock new tools and power-ups in order to help Denny complete his daily task. Feel Denny’s anxiety, anger, and self-doubt caused by the never-ending endeavor and his eventual triumph of a job well done.


Just Shovelin’ features:

*Precision touch screen controls.
*Puzzle-like levels where player control and timing is of the utmost importance.
*A race against Denny’s ever-dropping ambition.
*Multiple types of snow and ice tiles with different clearing properties.
*Different tools whose abilities depend on the tile type being cleared.
*Power-ups that can be the difference between the success and failure.
*Merit-based scoring for each level. Can you get three snowflakes?
*Google Play Leaderboards let you see how you stack up against your friends and other players.
*Play the first 2 weeks of Denny’s journey for FREE and unlock the last 5 for only $1!

Art & Design:
*Modern music with an 8-bit twist by Watt Millians aka Matt Williams
*Art inspired by the classic console games of yore.
*Denny’s story, and how shoveling changed his life.


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